Google Parameter values

ParameterDescriptionDefault value
qSearch phrase.-
domainAny available Google top-level
parsetrue will return parsed output in JSON format. Leave blank for HTML.-
access_tokenYour access token. Only required for Browser integration (other methods use Basic Authentication method via username:password combination).-
geoThere are four geo parameter value types you can use:
1. Canonical City location names, ex. Boston,Massachusetts,United States,
2. Canonical State location names, ex. California,United States,
3. Canonical Country names, ex. United States,
4. Coordinates and Radius, ex. lat: 48.8583, lng: 2.2922, rad: 25000
You can find Google's canonical location list here.
localeAny single Accept-Language header value without q-factor. See this page for examples.en-us
pageLets you choose which results page you would like us to return. By default, you will get the 1st results page.1
callback_urlOnly used with Callback. Specify the URL to which we should POST the job completion notification.-
nfprLets you specify whether Google should auto-correct spelling mistakes. Set this parameter to false to get the SERP for a misspelled search term.true
results-languageOnly show results in a particular language.
Available values:
af, ar, hy, be, bg, ca,zh-CN, zh-TW, hr, cs, da, nl, en, eo, et, tl, fi, fr, de, el, iw, hi, hu, is, id, it, ja, ko, lv, lt, no, fa, pl, pt, ro, ru, sr, sk, sl, es, sw, sv, th, tr, uk, vi.
tbmThis parameter lets you filter search results for specific types of content, such as, apps, books, news, patents places and videos.
Parsed output is only available with pts parameter value.
Raw HTML output is available with app, bks, nws, pts, plcs & vid values.
tbsThis parameter lets you apply some advanced result filtering. Available values depend on the scraper and tbm parameters used. See this page for more.-
jsSpecifies that JavaScript should be executed before returning the SERP. For most use cases, this is an excessive measure, as the majority of SERP content loads without rendering JavaScript.
Set this parameter to true to render JS. Please note that we charge x2 for SERPs with rendered JavaScript.
safe_searchSet to false to ask Google to include adult results.
Set to true to ask Google to exclude adult results.