Google Trends API

Sending requests to Google Trends API

To retrieve data from Google Search API, each request must include the mandatory parameters.

Mandatory parametersValue
qAny search phrase

Accepted parameters

ParametersDescriptionDefault value
qA single keyword, or up to 5 keywords, separated by commas (,).N/A
geo2-letter country (ISO-3166-standard), e.g. US.Worldwide
search_typeSearch type.
Available values: web_search, image_search, google_shopping, youtube_search.
date_startFormat: YYYY-MM-DD. Oldest date: 2004-01-01.Today's date - 12 months
date_endFormat: YYYY-MM-DD. Oldest date: 2004-01-01.Today
categoryWords can have multiple meanings. You can filter the results to a certain category to get data for the right meaning of the word. For instance, if you search for "puma", you can specify if you mean the animal or the sportswear manufacturer. See the full list of categories here.All categories (0)
callback_urlYour callback URL.N/A