Google Travel / Hotels API

Sending requests to Google Search API

To retrieve data from Google Search Volume API, each request must include the mandatory parameters.

Mandatory parametersValue
qAny search phrase

Accepted parameters

ParametersDescriptionDefault value
deviceSee this page for more infodesktop
domainSee this page for more infocom
geoSee this page for more info-
hotel_classesFiltering by hotel rating (the number of stars). Accepted values are between 2 and 5. Multiple values are also accepted if provided in an array (e.g. [3,4])-
hotel_datesFiltering by date. The input format requires specifying two dates in ISO 8601 format, e.g. 20121-05-26,2021-06-01-
hotel_occupancyFiltering by the number of guests2
jsSee this page for more info-
localeSee this page for more info-
pageSee this page for more info1
qSee this page for more info-